Hey Guys!

Yes Guys I'm alive~

But I think I'm really bad with keeping a Blog alive huh? (-_-)

I thought maybe I try posting a little at least in my autumn Holidays.

Because so I can keep my memories inside this posts.

Haaaaa~ It's been nearly a year!!!!!

Wow thats a really long time.

Okey this Time I will try my best!!!


Tomorrow I go to Essen because there is a Pokemon Airstream Event.

I'm excited because I want to play the new Pokemon X!

But I am still unsure if I should buy it so I will try the Game tomorrow (^_^)

I also have to change my Blog Theme so I have a (nearly) fresh start!

So good night everyone!

Baibairoo~ Megumi


Midnight blah blah?!

It's been a while right?? (*>.<*)

I was busy with school and etc.

It's 2am I can't  sleep

I watched AKB48 3Days J-drama
They split the drama in 3 different stories (Team A,K and B)

First I thought Team A's was the best  but Team B's is just....

Woahhh!! Nearly a perfect school drama!!!

You have to watch this!! ^O^

Now I am afraid that I would cry on my graduation this year  ̄﹏ ̄

Wow now I am sleepy (blog magic?!)


Usagi Sailor Moon - Pen Handwriting