Sweet 16!(≧▽≦)

Hey Pinky Readers!!

Sooo last Wednesday was my Birthday!!

I waited so long for this day!

Personally I am a person who is getting 10x Hyper Excited on my Birthday

But when the day finally comes it's like: " wow today is my Birthday that's not that special"

I turned 16

After I saw this horrible "My super Sweet 16" Show

I said to every one that I am turning "Sweet 16"

And I wished 16 presents but in the end I got more than that

Most things were Harry Potter Stuff

Then I got this cute pink bag from my friend <3

I got some things more later on Saturday

Jep that's it so later guys


New Blogger App

Hi my Pinky Readers!!★★

Today durring the lunch break at school I saw that the Blogger App got an Update!!


To be honest I did't like the old One (>_<)

So this is a Test Posting

See you later sometime




An Café LIVE 2012

Fuuu~ I am a bad Blogger (,,#゚Д゚)

I just delated everything again!!!

I just need to release my feelings somewhere and I thought: "You can blog now just for fun!"

Soo Let's Startoooo!

Yesterday was the An Cafe Live in Dortmund


I saw AN CAFÈ O(≧∇≦)O

I can't belive it!!!

In the Setlist there were only good songs!!!!

Because we were in the last row I stood on a chair

With the chair I had the best view!! (*^▽^)/

But it was hurtfull this morning my whole body were hurting  ( ̄へ ̄)

I was am really happy that i didn't missed this moment

The Pictures here are from tumblr not from me *hehe(-_-;)*

 Teruki&Takuya like a boss

 Last but not Least Kanon *_*

 And mee with the Band T-Shirt !!

Yup I think thats it stay nyappy an Baibairooo!

Usagi Sailor Moon - Pen Handwriting